Your Closet Couture is available now!

Posted on April 18 2019

Your Closet Couture is available now!

Hello my Lovelie's,

Your Closet Couture is available now in our VIP Facebook Group. This is a month long free course designed to inspire and uplift you into wearing who you truly are and putting your best foot forward in how you show up in the world.


Let's face it, what we wear says so much about us, it can also hold many demons from the past, in the voices we may hear in our head about what looks good on us, what we should and should not wear.



I am here to tell you ladies that although there may be design rules, colour theory, what is age appropriate and what is not. I am here to shout to the roof tops that rules are made to be broken and I am going to do my best to empower you to know how to break them and show up as your best self, where you are, with what you have all to help you to get where you are going. And having said that lets make sure you are going in the right direction.

We all have our own unique style and generally speaking we are usually drawn to more then one. In the coming weeks here on the blog and mostly in the VIP FB Group I will be sharing tips, tricks and maybe even getting you to stretch out of your comfort zone a little. "I never wear red," you may say, ...why not? "

"I am too short for that style," maybe wear it a different way.

I was always told I should always have bangs ( fringe). Now here I am sporting a short bob with........No bangs!!!



The above photo is curtesy of Jim Waddington of Orangeville Now, Jaw Photography. So let's not waste anymore time, it is not to late to get in on the action, join our VIP group and get on our mailing list, we love to spoil our people, and want to start now, looking forward to seeing you in the FBGroup,

                                         Tata for now,

                                                           Heather  PS: a sweet Mother's Day Give away is just around the corner, watch your inbox for details!




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