Who are your favourite fashion designers?

Posted on December 11 2018

Who are your favourite fashion designers?

If someone asked me who are my favourite fashion designers currently are it would take me a bit to think about. I use to be able to list them off the top of my head…….however times are changing rapidly and so very many things now come into play,

We have fair trade and the environment to think about, along with cost, quality and durability of these products.  When time allows, I am intending to do a big dive into researching this very topic. I am also putting more thought into the choices I am currently making. In a business facebook group I am involved in the topic of products made in China came up. Having never visited there I can only go by what was being discussed in this group. There were people on both sides of the fence on this one. Some argued that employee’s are being over worked and under paid, while another women voiced that she had spent time there. And that if the women and older children who worked in these situations did not work in the factories, they would most likely be on the street practicing prostitution.

I am finding with the internet and social media we can sometimes get into overload on these and other subjects.

In my own designs and business I am trying to do my best with making the best choices possible available at the time. My dream would be to know exactly who, what and where each item I use in my creations came from. To be able to visit and get real information on how things are done and their ethical opinions. That is not available to me yet….so until then I can tell you I am doing my best.

One of the ways we can be more conscious is to buy things locally made. We can also go to higher end consignment shops and vintage shops for other special splurges. Since practicing more of a capsule style wardrobe I do find I am becoming more conscientious and doing more research before I purchase most items.

Back to the topic at hand though. I have loved Ralph Laurens clothing for a very long time and I like the fact that he does carry lines geared to different income levels. I also seem to keep going back to Calvin Klein Clothing. He also caters to different income levels.

While in Toronto yesterday I went into a high end consignment shop and came out with a DVF clutch purse that I truly do adore.

The name of the shop is consign Toronto and it is located at 844 Queen St. West, for myself I know I will definitely be doing more of this type of shopping. Until our next post Be Happy,


PS- Our New Summer Solstice Line is now in production, so excited for you to see it.

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