Attention Ladies, Three Secret Beauty tips unveiled...

Posted on November 28 2019

Attention Ladies, Three Secret Beauty tips unveiled...


 I want to share with you my three top Beauty Weapon's to get you through This Holiday Season,



#1.  Let's keep those eyes sparkling...

        No matter how hard we try The Holiday Season can seem more like a marathon then what we would consider a holiday! We stay up later then usual, maybe eat more then usual...and lets just say we have ourselves a darn ole good time! First defence, to keep those eyes sparkling through out this grand ole time...

Lumier Eye Drops

I love everything about these drops! And do not let the price scare you, these drops do not irritate the eye in any way and the whiteness lasts for hours. I would be lost at important photo shoots and events without these drops.




 #2. Keep your Make Up in place.

We want that beautiful make up you so carefully applied to last you from morning till night, and for that I use...




            NYX Matte Finish Spray It is my go to setting spray to keep my make up in place from morning till night.


#3. Hair Care Style,


My go to hair dryer...I know, what could a hair dryer do to make getting ready for all The Holiday Festivities easier...well firstly you are able to easily and effortlessly create a gorgeous style that can last you more then just a few hours. Take the time to do a thorough blow dry and style and with the right products voila your hair can be done for three days, with just a finger brush through and a toss of your head and you will be ready to go not matter the event. The Solano Hair Dryer.



A couple opther good tips is to stay well hydrated and cut yourself some slack. It is the memories we are making and the experiences we are having that make the most of these precious times of year. So whether you are 17 or 70 just be the best you for you, and heck if you are so led try one of these products or even two, you will not be disappointed, I promise.


                                               Tata for now,

                                                           Heather xo

As an added bonous for getting that great hair style look check out Dominique Sachse tutorial on the perfect blow out.

PS I do receive a small commission for any of these products that are sold via my links, it is a great way to keep this site up and going, thx







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