The Not so Basic, Tee Shirt.

Posted on December 11 2018

The Not so Basic, Tee Shirt.

Do you love Basic Tee Shirts? I find them so cozy and easy to wear. They are an item piece that can be in your closet year round. Short sleeve, long sleeve or capped there are many cuts and colours to choose from.

The ladies above are from a younger set but there is no reason women of all ages cannot wear them styled in similar ways.

Jeans, pencils skirts, dress pants and blazers are just a few of the options you have when finding ways to style your tee’s.

And let’s not forget the ultimate glam!!!

From Taylor Swift, Julia Roberts to The Accidental Icon, the Graphic Tee and Basic Tee will always be in style. What is your favourite way to wear yours? Why not comment below with your favourite style and way to wear it. I hope this is inspiring you to look for different and more exciting ways to wear your favourite Tee,

Happy Day Friends,

Tata for now,


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