The Little Black Dress.

Posted on December 11 2018

The Little Black Dress.

Hello Lovely Ladies,

I hope you are doing well! I am slowly bouncing back from recent surgery and working my way back into a schedule. Having some time off gave me time to think about some things…One of the major thoughts coming through is the direction that our blog posts would be going in. I am thinking more style ideas, fashion and make up how to’s.  How does the way we show up in the world effect our mindsets and life styles? More then you may think it does… So to begin with I thought we could take a look at the little black dress and the many ways to wear it. In our first photo you will notice that this is an all out glamour night style. Very Audrey Hepburn, ( I know I love her to bits, she had such a major impact on women and fashion). Very Chic and Old Hollywood I would say. In the photo below I am wearing a very basic shift or t-shirt black dress.

I picked this dress up at Old Navy, yes it is a more casual dress, however there are still ways it can be styled differently. In the first photo I could have chosen to wear black, red or any solid colour of pump, and that would definitely  take it up a notch. The middle photo is an easy office look, oh so comfortable. The last photo is so casual, but could be changed up by adding a thin belt of any colour and switching out the shoes to the ones from the middle photo or one to match whichever belt you may like.

The Three Dresses below come from Old Navy and The Banana Republic, all very affordable. All easy to style in many ways, belts, scarves bags and jewelry can take these dresses to many different occasions.

I will be sharing more in our upcoming Newsletter this week end about all the great and wonderful happening and changes here at  And if you want to be in the now you can join our VIP Facebook group and you can also get on our email list. So until next time, Enjoy wearing your little black dress in new and inspiring ways,

Tata for now,


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