• The proper way to store a kimono...

    Are you wondering about the best way to store the beautiful kimono you just purchased? We have all nthe deets right here..


    The proper way to store a kimono...

    Tue, Feb 04, 20

     Our Textile Tips # 1. In the video below I show you a of couple different ways that you can store your kimono.By following these tips your kimono willo last...

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  • Did you catch our recent live on the FB page?

    Tue, Sep 10, 19

      Well, we sure hope you didn't miss it! But in case you did, here is the link to catch it, "Style Lounge Live" , this is a new thing we...

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  • It is the Season for Layers.

    Wed, Sep 04, 19

     It is the Season for Layers. While we transition from Summer to Fall it is the season for layers. Days can be warm, cool and cold and rainy. And when...

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