Spring is happening now...

Posted on April 06 2019

Spring is happening now...


So it is that time of year when Spring starts happening and it is happening now! What are your favourite signs of spring?



Me, I love it when the urge hits to wanting to clean out my closet and open up to all the gorgeous spring colours and textures. Lighter weight fabrics, easier dressing and the transitional style of spring to summer.

I thought in this weeks Fashion Blurb I would share my Three top favorite things to wear!

Number One!

The Basic Trench Coat,

This basic style comes in so many styles and colours, but if you can maintain control ( I know sometimes this is hard, especially when we love colour and styles) this basic option in a neutral colour can stretch and fit into the many choices you need in your busy life style. All it takes to brighten it up is a really great scarf, umbrella and maybe a hat in a really cool colour.

Number Two!

Basic Black cigarette pants or straight black pants. These look awesome with heels, ballet flats, Converse or a really cool pair of boots. Anything from a tank top, t-shirt or a very fancy blouse or shirt. So many options and so many ways to wear them.



Number Three!

Your not so basic Pencil Skirt

How about in a neutral beige or black, feeling a bit more adventurous, go for a red or maybe a pastel blue. These skirts are so easy to dress up or down, from a pair of converse to little black kitten heels, your basic pencil skirt is easy to wear and may to dress up or down and that is what we are all about here at HeatherChapplain.com helping you to take your basic pieces and dress them up or down, whatever your style these pieces will get you alot of milage in what you choose to wear.



Another great item to add to your closet is one of our Paisley Kimono Styles, these babies can take you anywhere...from yoga class, beach side or an intimate candle lit dinner for two. A great colour for Spring would be our Summer Breeze Kimono, worn here by The Beautiful Jacqueline Depaul of The Yellow Brick Runway, Jacqueline recently walked the runways at Paris Fashion Week and we are honoured to have her show casing our Summer Breeze Kimonos. This is one of my favs, so Happy Spring Everyone,

              Tata for now,


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