Snow Days,

Posted on February 13 2019

Snow Days,

I am writing this from my studio looking out over a snowy, windy day. Why, I often wonder do I always feel like going out on days like this instead of just getting cozy, hunkering down to do business desk work? It must be the kid in me who still wants to run outside, build snowmen and play in the snow!



Some like to curl up with a good book, drink a steaming cup of tea or coffee and just sit the storm out. What is your favorite thing to cuddle up in? A big cozy sweater? One of our kimonos? I know your coziest sweats right? We all have different things that bring us comfort and joy. 

For me it would usually mean a big pot of my favorite tea, Mariage Frere Tea. Keep your eyes on your inbox, there is some really exciting news ahead! So if you are not already on our email list do so now! Why you may ask? Well, because I will be sending out random discounts from time to time, and also be doing secret sales! Just for my email list only, if you are not on my Exclusive Clients List what are you waiting for? We need you? For inspirations, for fun and to grow with, until next time..........



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