Posted on April 23 2020


Mindset matters...more then you may realise, and yes... even with our clothing choices.

So much is happening and changing in the world right now...it is changing everything. From how we do business, to how we are interacting with people. So much about this is hard...but yet there are hidden blessings being found. New ways of communicating, a more raw and real way of showing up each day as we navigate this new way of living. 

I have found for myself I am needing live connections through Facetime, Zoom calls, Facebook live ect. It is so good to be able to connect with someone in real time.

The effects of this current time we are in will be long lasting, but I think that, these changes are the kind of thing we need right now... to enable us to keep going on in a completely new direction.

Changes that will bring healing not just to our enviroment but in our own personal way of looking at and viewing things in our own day to day life.

Fashion for now is on hold....but Style my friends is not and that is where I come in. To help you and guide you to a new way of thinking, a new way of being...but not just in life...in Style...from the inside out, based and rooted in your values in morales, allowing you to be and to become all that you my sweet friend are meant to be. One day at a time, one piece at a time. Being the best version of yourself, where you are, with what you currently have. Letting your inner beauty shine through.

Let's not let this whole Covid-19 stop us from showing up as your best you. That includes your Style and clothing choices even while at home. That is why I am putting together a Style at home challenge that will be coming soon, until then take the time to do what makes you feel good.


                                                              With Grit, Grace and Style,

                                                                                            Heather xo

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