Let’s Talk Pencil Skirts.

Posted on December 11 2018

Let’s Talk Pencil Skirts.
Let’s talk pencil skirts…they come in so many lengths and styles. From casual to elegant you can pretty much find one to suit your style. The other thing I love so much about them is their versatility to be dressed up or down.

I love all of the looks above, bright red and retro, classic black, check and a great floral print. Again I can see each of these great outfits dressed up or down, just by changing up the shoes, throwing on a denim jacket or even a suitable tank top. They are all so versatile.

Looking to have a bit of casual class? These examples above will be an inspiration to you. The other thing about pencil skirts is they look great on just about any body shape due to the versatility in length and colour.

The image above I found on Pinterest

It gives you a very clear idea of why the Pencil Skirt is such a classic and flattering cut. Do you wear Pencil Skirts? If not why not? I know they can sometimes intimidate me too, however I have recently been stretching myself to come out of my comfort zone when I am getting dressed in the morning…more patterns, brighter colours and different cuts and line are what I am going after. Please share your comments below and tell me what you think of this style, or what your favourite skirt style is and why, until next time have a Happy Day,

Tata for now,


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