I need to know!!!

Posted on December 05 2019

I need to know!!!








I need to know, what is your favorite era of style and dressing? What is it about that era that makes you swoon? Is it the hairstyles and make up, maybe it is the clothing, the colours, textures, maybe it is the style of life assosiated with the era.

Art and Style have a few big things in common...they both repeat themselves in one way or another.





Movies, Netflix Originals, Prime Video...there is inspiration everywhere. Just have a look at the men's hair styles in Peaky Blinders. Those most recent styles.. alot of men have been sporting. Way to cool right!


Trends they are fleeting, but they to recycle them selves in one way or another.

The point I am getting at is ideas are never really original ...there are parts from other stories, parts from other patterns in life,  parts of other colours and style.

So who inspires you from the past? Who inspires you now? What would you like to be know for inspiring others in? I really do want to know...so I hope you will leave a comment, follow me on Instagram and join our FB Group,or you can shoot me an email I really do want to get to know you...lets become friends.

                   So until next time,

                                          Heather  xo                              


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