How to know...Which Way is Up during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Posted on March 28 2020

How to know...Which Way is Up during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

How do you know which way is up during this Covid-19 pandemic...


I miss being able to hug my adult children, I miss stopping to chat with a firend in the store or at the local coffee shop.

My sweet friends...there is nothing I wish more than that I could wave a magic wand and make this whole Pandemic thing just go away... to say Hey wait a minute, this was just a nightmare,...but wait... really it's not...and there are many lessons to be learned... if we just take the time to step back and really, really reflect on EVERYTHING that is going on. Allowing ourselves to feel the feelings and taking the time to process everything that is going on.

The anxiety of the unknown, can be...well just simply over whelming. The pressure to be positive and not allowing any fear at all to show, well that is not reality either. We are having to learn a new way of living, a new way of interacting and a new way of showing and sharing our love for one another. 

It is okay to feel your feelings, it is okay to share that you are having a moment of feeling scared...this is very normal for the time we are in right now, and it is okay. The important thing is to allow yourself to have those feelings and then to take the necessary steps to move forward.


Starting with the most basic of things in life. From a good nights sleep to enjoying a walk in the country side and then nursing your most favorite drink. These are some of the simpliest of pleasures and one I have been guilty of taking for granted...but no more.


We are learning to live in the moment...and never has this been more important. For myself I am using this time to step back in all area's of my life. Once again learning to embrace and enjoy the simplest of pleasures in my life.


So how do we cope...How do we know which way is up during this Covid-19 Pandemic...well for starters, allow yourself to feel the feelings....and then work them out by taking a walk, even in your own back yard. Getting on the mat and douing some yoga, or how about all the wonderful exercise videos and lives that are happening rieght now.

Another thing that helps is journaling...just let yourself right, don't try and think about it to much...let your pen lead the way. Then take some time to connect with a friend on Facetime, or put together a group chat on Zoom. Hearing someones voice, seeing there face...even on a screen is so so very important right now.

Something else you can do is watch a good comedy, learn that craft you have been putting off. There are tons of videos on You Tube for just this purpose, and let's not forget all the onling courses waiting to help you to move forward with your life.

In a crisis time like this we need to focus on what we can control, the choices we are making in our day to day lives right now...I know this is hard, I am also struggling to get into a routine...even though I have always worked from home.

Things are different now...our lives will never be the same...and although this is a difficult thing it is also a good thing. There needed to be a shift in our world, a way to help us open our eyes and see what the really important things are. From nature and our environment, to how we are all interconnected...the biggest thing this virus is teaching us is that we are all dependant on one another, no matter the distance, colour, language or country, we need each other!

So find ways to connect, do not put pressure on yourselves, I hope this resonates with you, that you understand that you are resilient and able to pivot and recalibrate in whichever means is necessary and know I am thinking of you, sending you light and prayers at this most incredible and challenging time,

                                                       With Grit, Grace and Style,

                                                                                                   Heather xo


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