How I busted through my Creative Block and you can too.

Posted on December 11 2018

How I busted through my Creative Block and you can too.

Wow, that is some deep Sh#& I worked through recently….with The Secret Events Room celebration for The Golden Globes 2019 only 11 weeks away I was really starting to get worried that I would not be ready!!! However with the help of Bud, family, friends and my support team of coaches I am now on the other side.

Two weeks of pure hell trying to struggle through and for the life of me I could not figure out why, but now I know. Deep rooted limiting beliefs were what was holding me back. Things like…I am not good enough, what if I fail?…What if I succeed?… Do I have what it takes to do the work and push through? After many tears and searching, my coach Darryl Stewart and I were able to unleash those beliefs and kick them to the curb.

Now the true creating of my Golden Thread Line begins.

Have you experienced being blocked in your life? If so how have you moved past them? Please share in the comments below so we can help each other. Here are 7 tips you can try if it ever happens to you.

  1. Get back in touch with nature, go for a walk in the woods and just be totally present there with your phone turned off, listen to nature and soak in the beauty we have free to enjoy.
  2. Get out a journal or piece of paper and get that sh&# off your chest, burn it or rip it up afterwards.
  3. Talk to someone you really trust.
  4. Music is powerful beyond measure, try listening to something you would not normally listen to.
  5. Meditation, start slow if you have never done it? Even just five minutes. Here are some apps to help you with it.
  6. Take a day off and go somewhere new?
  7. Breath, it will past and do all of the above!

So with that my Dear Friends

I will leave you, hope your

day is as awesome as you are,

Heather xo

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