Posted on December 11 2018


I think the biggest lesson I have learned over the last few years is to be grateful in all circumstances...

I know how hard this can sometimes be. I think back over the last few years of our life and I shake my head to all the twists and turns we have experienced.

From very serious health issues, putting our home of 20 years on and off the market to all the incredible opportunities coming our way coming our way, the one constant theme are the people who have supported us, encouraged us and kept us accountable when we may have desired an easier softer way.

I am here to say that it is all the people we have met and continue to meet that are making the biggest impact.

The support we are receiving on this journey for The Golden Globes warms my heart beyond measure. On those darkest of days during my husbands illness

I never thought we would be doing the things we are doing now. I would be lost without him and all his support, just as we would be lost without all of you.

So this is a big thank you with a huge virtual hug being sent your way, know you are appreciated and that no matter the day, and I know this is hard, always

be grateful, it will change things for you in the most unpredictable ways,

Tata for now,

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