Getting back on the On Ramp of Life.

Posted on February 06 2019

Getting back on the On Ramp of Life.

Sometimes life can be hard and we get thrown off track. This can show  up in our lives as resistance, lethargy, lack of motivation or overwhelm. In this high technology world we live in these days sometimes it can be very hard to stay the course.

I know all this from personal experience and it still can happen from time to time. It took me awhile to learn how to develope my own On Ramp to getting back into the groove called life.

For me it all starts the night before, and I learned this trick from FlyLady. Your before bed routine can totally set you up for success in the new day to come. Some things I do to help me regain my momentum are as follows:

- set out clothing for the next day

- have all yoga, gym, lunch totes ready to go

- leave the kitchen tidy and even perhaps have your breakfast set out and ready to go.

- fill tomorrows water bottles

- I usually do a bit of yoga before bed and also write out three things I am truly grateful for.

Hopefully after a good nights sleep I am ready to tackle the day and the new morning! This is what I am currently working on noe, getting back into a great morning routine that sets me up for success for the rest of the day. One of the things I like to do is a short meditation...because it has been awhile since I have been practicing this I turned to You Tube and found a wonderful quick morning meditation that clears the clutter in my head and helps me to focus on what is ahead. You can find that meditation right here.

So I hope this quick tips help you and seriously check out FlyLady and the morning meditation, you will not regret it I promise.

                                                     Tata for now,






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