Covid-19...It is Like Learning to Walk Again,

Posted on April 10 2020

Covid-19...It is Like Learning to Walk Again, is like learning to walk again...


I am sitting here thinking how surreal this all when I have those brief periods of time when Covid-19 is not in my brain and on my mind...It is like we are learning a new way of living, learning to walk again (navigate this new life) one step at a time, learning how to live and cope with this most incredible challenge.

It is a major reset of not just mankind...but of everything our life stands for, from right where we are, with what we  currently have right now.

It is time to reflect, reset and redesign this life we came here to live. It is time to learn how to walk again in this life here on planet earth.

Acceptance that for awhile this will be the new normal. None of this is easy on anyone...however there are always things we can be grateful for...things we can do to be proactive in this current crisis situation.

So what are some tips and tricks to help you navigate and stay home during this unprecedented time... well the first and most important one is to "Be Kind To Your Self". This is a major life adjustment we are all going through and we need to practice patience, forgiveness and gratitude on a whole new scale.

Start with self care and build in some new routines and rituals that you have always wanted to practice but never seemed to have the time to do. Think, meditation, yoga and journaling. There are tons of free yoga     and meditation videos on Youtube, so there really is no excuse unless what you feel you need most is rest. 

My self I am working on doing my best to find balance, peace and serenity. Not just in one area but in my life as a whole...

1. Self Care and what that means to you.

2. Rest and Sleep, this is where routine is so very important.

3. Drink Water

4. Eat reasonably Healthy, but allow for those special treats now and again too.

5. Get some form of exercise everyday.

6. Get some fresh air, sit on your balcony, or in your back yard, open a window.

7. Reach out on Social Media.

8. Write a letter to a friend.

9. Take up a new hobby or take an online course.

10. Implement a flexible schedual as best you can.

I know these tips might seem very simple...but they are challenging to implement when our bodies and minds are in overdrive, however keeping to a consistant routine is always very helpful in a crisis, doing our best to maintain clarity and focus will help us on those days where none of the above seem to work. When that happens and it will remember it is okay, there is no right or wrong way to do this...just doing the best you can everyday, showing up for yourselves and others is the most any of us can expect. So STAY HOME, wash your hands often and maintain your Social Distancing in live situations, keep reaching out on Social when you feel you can, and know that you've got this, in the moment and in the now.

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