Are you questioning things right now?

Posted on May 12 2020

Are you questioning things right now?

Do you find yourself questioning things in your life right now? Wondering how and when this Covid-19 Pandemic is going to end...

I think that currently we will be in this situation for a wee bit longer...and then things will slowly, slowing move into a new normal for us all. Things will not go back to how they were before all of this... there will be time of mourning...sadness and uncertainty.

And then there are those times of gratitude, joy and celebration. Going through this I have been trying to find a way that I would feel comfortable in helping you all...and this is where The Stay@Home Style Challenge came from. I want to help you to take your wardrobe and mindset from Chaos to Peace. Keep Scrolling, teehee



So much emotion is tied up in our clothing...and what better time then this to take the dive and get our closet and style sorted once and for all. Are you tired of standing in front of your closet and not knowing what to wear? Or maybe you have gotten so use to sweats and P.J.'s that you don't know if you will ever go back to your normal way of dressing?

No matter how you are feeling right now I can promise you will feel much better and in a bit more control when you get your closet sorted. So if you are not on The VIP list for this very special and FREE 2 week challenge you will want to get on that list now.

The Challenge will be delivered through email and a very special Pop Up Facebook Group created just for this challenge. Come join us and have a bit of fun.                       

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