A Step Back in Time.

Posted on December 11 2018

A Step Back in Time.

So I just have to tell you about my “ Step Back In Time “ weekend experience. I am soooo excited to share this with you and show you some of the treasures I found.

I had heard about a show/ exhibit that everyone suggested that I should attend. I was over the moon when I heard it was going to be held in Toronto. The show is called “The Vintage Clothing Show”

We arrived early giving us time see all the good stuff before it was gobbled up.

Well, it was already packed when we got there and I could not believe my eyes when I realized that many were dressed in the most wonderful vintage outfits.

Some were dressed in “the 20’s”, some in “the 50’s”style and so on.

I nearly cried when I saw ties from my father’s closet, dresses from my grandmothers closet, and even my old style jeans.

There were over 150 vendors and each booth overflowed with vintage everything.

I knew beforehand that there were many vintage lovers however I never ever thought that there would be so many.

I wish I could have taken pictures of each booth because every piece of vintage told it’s own story, from vintage cameo broaches to priceless customized leather jackets that kept calling my name.

So that is what I did…I tried on everything I could.

There were 8 isles and it took forever to get through the first 2.

By the time we got to row 5 , my husband said to me “ lets see if we can get through the last 3 rows in less than $300.00” haha .

So when I finally remembered that the main purpose of going to the show was to gather vintage supplies for the custom , one of a kind up cycled denim pieces of wearable art, that I create, I started back at isle 1 again.

Wow, you can not imagine all the special pieces of jewelry, the unreal buttons and clothing I claimed.I even purchased 2 fur coats that I can cut up and use with my designs.

This was certainly a DAY to remember. I am so looking forward to next years finds

Tata for now my friends,

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